by sakinasoetedjo

I just really cant believe that I’ve been lived in this such a sucks earth, fulfilled with all sappy people that wont share a love each other (yeah I called it sappy. It might be my fault, but I think that’s right. you can see I am mad right now, cant you?)

Its hard to see the positive side in everything. Everyday, people always make an effort to get what they want, which is might a flesh or bad wishes. not a good stuff. not a peace that could bring a better life, create a good ideas and provide a simply beautiful smile of every mouths. easy to comply own egos. not able to control own self.
unfortunately, here I cant understand. cant change anything. cant push something or raise everything become much better. yes. said a weakness.

there is sometimes we didnt realize.

there’s GOD. The Crafter of everything that will never be able to be defeated by everything nor by all mankind’s being. That Great can change everything. That Awesome can create everything. That Wonderful Amazing could provide a smile -even with tears of Joyful- of every mouths. He is God. GOD alone. That we shall trust. We all shall praise. We should be very grateful we’ve given a chance to feel His Great Ideas. ah not just the ideas. but… that we cant even that could never be achieved with our minds.. nor our power. because we had all the weakness. but God created us perfectly. We all wonderfully made by GOD’s love far than everything we adore. with His everlasting love, unspeakable, exceeds any love.
Yes. God made us precious. He had died for us. been through …. all that couldnt be compared to what we’ve been. God has given us His Great Love. so why dont we give our love each other. to another. which is obviously as same as we give our love to God.